6 Little Known Benefits of Sailing

According to Cheshire East Council site, physical health is “an essential part of overall health of an individual, which includes everything from physical fitness to overall well-being”.

It is therefore advisable to engage ourselves in meaningful physical activities such as riding horses, dancing at concerts, or better still, in the comfort of our homes, going on holiday every now and then, and sailing.

As a physical activity, sailing is perhaps one of the best activities that cannot only help improve our physical health and well being, but also sustain such an enviable achievement for days on end.


Sailing has numerous little known benefits to our physical health, some of which may include:

Improves Aerobic Capacity:

Sailing is an extremely physical activity that involves ceaseless pulling, sail hoisting, rope tying, and pushing of other heavy equipment so as to successfully navigate the boat. It is such a strenuous routine that is ultimately responsible for the improvement of one’s aerobic capacity.

Improves Personal Organizational Skills:

Being a sailor requires that you properly organize the multiple equipment on the boat so you increase your chances of safely arriving at one’s destination.

Such organization, when done routinely, becomes apart of an individual and is thus bound to affect one’s day-to-day lifestyle. In other words, it creates a sense of responsibility and enhances personal discipline.

Improves Communication Skills:

Sailing can at times be an unpredictable sojourn to places unknown. Anything can go wrong anytime, especially so if the crew fails to communicate effectively.

Many a time, body language serves as the sole viable tool of passing out life-saving communications. One must therefore learn how to decipher such signals and appropriately respond so as to avert an unnecessary misunderstanding.

Sharpens our Concentration Skills:

The modern-day lifestyle demands flexibility, multi-tasking and constant awareness of everything around us. This is especially the case when one is sailing. Unlike other circumstances, here, the sailor’s life is literally on line.

Therefore, irrespective of inevitable multi-tasking on the boat, one must at all times exhibit unmatched concentration levels, specifically on the crucial things that are necessary for safe-sailing.

Acts as a Stress-Reliever:

Sailing can be therapeutic in ways often unnoticed to a sailor.

The mouth watering scenes of the harsh waters, swooshing of the tides and currents, and the smooth sound constantly made by the agile movement of your boat, can relax your mind and implicitly suppress your many worries hidden beneath your troubled soul.

Improves Muscle Strength and Flexibility:

The strenuous activity on the boat serves as a key component of adding impetus to a sailor’s shoulders and back muscles. It also makes one to be flexible, agile and quick with their mind, eyes, and ears.

More so, if done routinely, one’s learn the importance of endurance and such a lesson can as well be applied in other aspects of one’s life.

Leads to Weigh Loss:

The fact that a sailor has higher chances of building and even improving their muscles strength means that consequently, the rate of calories burning in the body increases as well. This in effect increases the chances of losing weight.


Increasing Concentration

Mental health and sailing

Why Sailing Is Good For Your Physical Health

Spending time on the water is a relaxing and therapeutic way to get away from the hustle and bustle of modern life while enjoying some quiet time in nature. Whether you are a professional yacht sailor or amateur boating enthusiast, sailing is a great way to unwind and rejuvenate so that you are better able to handle necessary tasks when you get back to the daily grind.

Sailing has many benefits to offer people who indulge in this exciting and fun sport. In addition to the mental advantages such as stress relief and better mood regulation associated with relaxation, sailing aficionados can expect to enjoy the following physical health benefits:

1. Muscle strength

Manoeuvring a sailboat requires constant pulling and pushing, hoisting sails, tying rope and a host of other strenuous activities necessary to keep the boat balanced and on the right track. Sails and other boating equipment tend to be heavy, causing your muscles to work harder and ultimately resulting in greater strength and endurance.

2. Increased flexibility

Sailing a boat or yacht requires that you use a wide range of motions in order to successfully navigate the boat, hoist sails, tie knots and operate sailing equipment successfully. You will often find yourself having to perform one or more of these tasks simultaneously while trying to get your sea legs at the same time. This forces your body to learn to manage a multitude of tasks and increases your body’s overall flexibility.


3. Cardiovascular health

Handling heavy sailing equipment and having to steer a large vessel through viscous water are strenuous activities to say the least. This type of vigorous aerobic activity requires that the body take in much more oxygen to burn calories needed for energy.
As a result, the heart must pump harder to deliver this oxygen to the cells and stimulate fat burning processes for energy release. Consistently subjecting your heart to this type of activity makes it stronger and more effective in facilitating circulation in the body.

4. Weight loss

Sailing is both an aerobic and muscle conditioning exercise. Studies have shown that simply steering a boat will help a person weighing 150 pounds to burn 210 calories per hour. In addition, sailing helps to build muscles which helps to increase the calorie burning processes in your body and burn calories even when you are not performing any exercise.

5. Lower blood pressure

Sailing, especially during warm weather has been shown to decrease blood pressure levels and reduce the adverse effects associated with out of control levels. This is because exposure to sunlight prompts the body to produce a compound known as nitrous oxide which is useful for regulating blood pressure levels in the body.

6. Improved bone health

Sailing in sunny conditions helps the body to produce optimal levels of Vitamin D. This Vitamin is necessary for keeping teeth and bones strong and helps to prevent problems like osteoporosis, constant fracturing and rheumatoid arthritis.

Boating enthusiasts seldom need to be prompted to spend a day on the water. However, if you are looking for additional reasons why you should sail away more often, improved muscular strength, weight loss, better flexibility and coordination and heart health are just a few of them.


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Health Benefits of Sailing